Inscription Lit Mag

Inscription is the LHS literary magazine that will be published May of 2017. The literary magazine will be composed of literary and art works submitted by Legacy High School students. We encourage you to submit up to four pieces of art/literary work.

The literary magazine theme and title is voices. Submissions will not be judged solely on how they will fit the theme, however this will be taken into consideration.

Update: Submissions have been reviewed and are being formatted into Legacy’s first literary magazine. Thank you to everyone who submitted and congratulations to all being included.


Submission Guidelines are as follows:

Literary Submissions

  • All submissions must be typed
  • Only original works will be accepted and printed in the magazine
  • Fanfiction will not be printed

Art Submissions

  • Only original works will be accepted and printed in the magazine
  • All pieces must be titled

How To Submit

  • Fill out the appropriate form from above
  • Email your literary piece, or a photograph of your art piece to
  • Only four submissions total from a single person will be accepted
  • Literary submissions will be limited to approximately 1000 words

Make Sure To Include:

  • Your full name (formal first and last) – no nicknames or shortened names
  • Title of your piece – this is vital
  • Year that you are in school (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior)
  • Year of written piece (optional)


By emailing your work, you are giving the ‘Inscription’ staff permission to:

  • Edit the work (includes adjusting  grammar, length, inappropriate language or content, etc.)
  • Publish the work, both in the printed literary magazine and online
  • Title the work if you do not provide a title.
  • Discard the piece after review.  The creator owns the original copy of the submission and doesn’t expect the submission copy back.
  • Deny submissions due to obscenity  

Submission forms will not be printed, they will be online. Informational flyers will be located around Legacy High School, in the office, learning commons, and saber centers.

LHS Literary Magazine social medias:

  • Twitter – @lhslitmag
  • Instagram – @lhslitmag


If you have any questions about submissions you can contact our submissions manager at

If you have any questions about our publication feel free to contact our editor


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Inscription Lit Mag