Athlete of the Month – Derek Wax

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Athlete of the Month – Derek Wax

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LHSToday Junior Writer Cameron Wald sat down with Senior Derek Wax and talked all about sports and “Wax”

Cameron: ”What sports do you participate in?”

Derek: “Uhh, football, and then uhh baseball and track.”

C: “How long have you been playing (sports)?”

D: “Football I think has been 10 years, baseball started in like 5th grade I think, and track I started in 8th grade so however long that is.”

C: “What made you decide to play?”

D: “I like to participate in sports, I’m a competitive guy.”

C: “Which sport is your favorite?”

D: “Football”

C: “What or who are you inspired by?”

D: “My inspiration? Chris Clements of course.”

C: “What motivates you to do your best?”

D: “Why wouldn’t you wanna try to be the best at what you’re doing? You put a lot of time and effort into something, you wanna be successful at it.

C: “What has been your biggest accomplishment in athletics thus far?

D: “Took 3rd in state in track last year throwing the javelin. I also hit the first home run in Legacy history.

C: “What are three things that lead to your success?

D: “Attitude, effort, and I don’t know what the third one is but we preach attitude and effort so I’ll go with that.

C: “Do you have any traditions before games/meets?

D: “Getting pumped up, listening to music.

C: “The past few weeks have been a bit of a slump for the football team, how do you intend to get yourself and the team out of that slump?

D: “We come to practice with the right mindset and strive to be 1-0 for the week, so like going in this week we’ve been practicing like it’s our first game of the year. Put everything kinda behind us, get ready to face dickinson, hoping to be 1-1, wait, no 1-0! 1-0! Not 1-1. Just forget about the losses.”

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