Athlete Of The Week – Ashley Ness

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Athlete Of The Week – Ashley Ness

Shalynn Vetter, Freshman Writer

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Shalynn: What/ who is your inspiration?

Ashley:  “My sister.”

Shalynn: What motivate you to push forward?

Ashley: “Wanting to get better.”

Shalynn: What is your favorite after school activity to do outside of sports?

Ashley: “Church.”

Shalynn: What position do you play in Softball?

Ashley: “Outfield.”

Shalynn: How long have you been playing Softball?

Ashley: “4 years.”

Shalynn: What has been your biggest challenge in sports?

Ashley: “Try to remember where to throw the ball.”

Shalynn: What is your biggest accomplishment in sports?

Ashley: “Trying to score.”

Shalynn: What would be your ultimate achievement outside of sports?

Ashley:  “Good grades.”

Shalynn: What helps you focus during a Softball game?

Ashley: “Having my teammates helping out.”

Shalynn: What preparations do you do before a Softball game?

Ashley: “Practice throwing.”

Shalynn: Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Ashley: “If you don’t anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”

Shalynn: What goals do you have set for next season?

Ashley: “To get better.”

Shalynn: How do you think your season is going this year?

Ashley: “Lost a lot of games but trying to get better.”

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