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Bridget Burns, Writer

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As he sits down in the quaint office he rubs his sweat drenched palms together. Although he’s nervous, it doesn’t overshadow the personality and sophistication he brings to the table. Schmidt stands up and shakes his hand firmly. As the man leaves he’s confident he just received a position at the school of his dreams.

The new building will be finished next year which means more kids which inevitably means more staff members. Legacy principal Tom Schmidt and assistant principal Nadine Butts have interviewed 128 teachers for open positions at Legacy and have already hired 29. There are 14 remaining spots left to fill. Schmidt is, of course, looking for the best of the best.

“We look for people who are not only strong in content, but who put students first,” Schmidt said.

They go through the applications together to choose who to interview and then, once they’ve conducted the interviews, the team makes a collective decision on who they think is the best fit for LHS.

“We want faculty members who are caring, passionate, flexible, reliable, content strong, technology literate, positive, and understand and remember what it’s like to be in high school. We want a staff that can help deliver the skills necessary for all of our students to be successful,” Schmidt said.

Many of the teachers joining the Legacy staff are known for their hard work and experience. Science teacher Brett Mitchell can vouch for this.

“We’re bringing in some great people with lots of years of experience that are going to bring a lot to our school,” Mitchell said.

Legacy will be adding 43 new staff members.  This includes counselors, athletic director, Dean of students, teachers, secretaries, coaches, advisors, custodians, cooks, and instructional aides. There will be at about 65 certified teaching staff members and almost 100 staff members.

“I am most excited about bringing a group of passionate, energetic, collaborative adults together to educate students in a manner that is creative, personable and where student learning is the top priority,” Butts said.

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