Frog fun

Mercedes Hanson, Writer

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Students walk into the classroom and the smell of dead frogs ready to be dissected engulfs their nostrils. They grab a pair of latex gloves and make the first incision in their frogs.

Biology teacher Brett Mitchell conducted a dissection of frogs for all of his semester two classes. The classes have been studying ecology and the classification of animals.

“The reason I do dissections is to study the comparative anatomy of different types of organisms,” Mitchell said. “We learn systems of the body in biology and I think it helps with that.”

Being as it’s the end of the year there’s not much time to study everything, but Mitchell thinks it’s important to learn just the basics.

“That’s how I do it when we have enough time is study the comparative anatomy,” Mitchell said. ”There is some lowered systems of the body in biology, I think it helps with that.”

Sometimes people aren’t as comfortable with doing dissections because it may gross them out, but most think the experience is fun and different.

“Some kids like to do it and think it’s really cool,” Mitchell said.

Sophomore Breanna Gartner was one of the participating students in the dissection. Gartner was more than comfortable gutting the frog and seeing what’s inside.

“It was interesting seeing the insides of other animals instead of just humans,” Gartner said. “It’s just weird seeing body parts that are in animals that are in us too.”

Sophomore Amanda Davidson also participated in the dissection. Davidson thought the dissection was very beneficial to what they were studying.

“I think this is very beneficial to what we are learning because we are learning about animals,” Davidson said. “And also it relates to the relationships of animals and their habitats.”

Davidson also thinks that the experiment was interesting.

“It was fun,” Davidson said. “It was fun to cut it open and see what was inside the frog.”

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