Number one member

Harmony Deneault, Writer

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She is slightly confused as she hears her name being spoke on the loud speaker. She looks around her and is met by expecting eyes. She hesitantly stands up and walks to the field.

Freshman Shana Cua was recognized by Spanish teacher Melinda Berg at the Academic Prep Rally. Berg is also the adviser for the school’s Spanish club. Cua is the club’s most loyal member. Berg rewarded Cua with a special pinata filled with a variety of chocolates.

“I was shocked at first,” Cua said. “But I’m very grateful. Being in Spanish club is great.”

Berg is very grateful to have students like Cua in her club. Berg has been working hard to make the club into something bigger.

“She was there since the beginning,” Berg said.

Cua’s friends were happy for her too. Freshman Katie Brown thought it was cool.

“She does work really hard in this club and I’m happy she got recognized for it,” Brown said.

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