Working on the ranch

Harmony Deneault, Writer

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She is excited as she steps out of the car into the fresh air. She’s been looking forward to this all year and can’t believe it’s actually happening. She’s looks around and sees all the glistening green grass.

Freshman Grace Kunf has many plans for the summer that has her buzzing with excitement. She’s going to be competing in a judo competition, and going to her grandparent’s house for a big birthday party. But above all of these things she’s most excited to work at her uncle’s ranch. She’s going to be doing things like branding, pulling weeds, and AI’ing.

“I’m excited to be working on the ranch,” Kunf said.

Kunf’s family is supportive of her and her wishes to work on the ranch. Especially Kunf’s mother Melissa Oberg.

“It’s a good way for her to spend her summer working,” Oberg said.

Kunf is even racking up support from her younger brothers. They love to watch her strive. Her brother Nick Kunf is a proud example of this.

“Well I’m going to miss her,” Kunf said. “At least she’ll get to see our cousins.”

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