Trip to Detroit

Harmony Deneault, Writer

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She is surrounded by other students and has a smile on her face. She’s a little tired from traveling but that isn’t what is on her mind. She thinks about her duty and sees the bright future.

Freshman Faith Reberg is going to Detroit, Michigan this summer for a Lutheran youth gathering, also known as the YLO gathering. On this trip she is going to be doing numerous of things like community services. This is so that the youth get a chance to help out the community in the area. Reberg is definitely looking forward to the trip.

“It’s going to be fun and a new experience,” Reberg said.

Reberg’s family loves that she gets to go on this trip as much as she does. Her older sister sophomore Dawn Reberg is happy for her.

“She can’t wait to go on the trip,” Dawn said. “It will be a great experience and opportunity.”

Reberg even rubs some of her excitement on to her friends. Especially freshman Mckenna Fischer.

“She’s super excited,” Fischer said. “I’m glad for her.”

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