It’s the point of know return

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It’s the point of know return

Olivia Fischer, Writer

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They smile as the crowd erupts into a joyous road and they bow along with the rest of the singers around them. This was their last concert of this school year, and it was epic.

Legacy Choir Director Mike Seil has been preparing these students over the past couple months to end this year off with something everyone will remember.

“I’m most excited to bring the four groups together in our last set. Also the girls’ Adele set because it’s really good,” Seil said.

With many pop songs comes even more solos, two of them being freshmen Allison Bard and Brayden Zenker.

“I’m really looking forward to my solo,” Bard said.

The songs from each group include pop hits from today as well as years ago.

“I’m excited to get to sing with everyone, like the sophomores. Not only getting to sing with them but to hear what they sound like,” Zenker said.
The concert will be in the Simle auditorium on June 1 starting at 7:45, and you don’t want to miss it!

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