From a Skyhawk to a Saber

Olivia Fischer, Writer

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A brand new high school? That sounded like a pretty good choice for now freshman Jenna Goelzer when she had to choose a new school to go to. She had been going to Shiloh Christian School, but decided she needed a change.

“There were lots of reasons that led up to my decision, and Legacy was in my district,” Goelzer said.

This year Goelzer has made many friends and felt comfortable with most of the differences between schools.

“Everything is easier here, the homework isn’t as difficult. Although, I lost contact with some of my past friends through the process,” Goelzer said.

One of Goelzer’s friends from Shiloh, freshman Lauren Richards, still maintains contact with her often.

“I love her energy. She has a brilliant personality and has a way of making a person laugh when they feel like bursting into tears. She’s not afraid to be herself and is fun loving and loyal. She genuinely cares about others and is dependable,” Richards said.

Goelzer has been in multiple groups throughout the school year, including Writers Club, and in choir her WDA group made it to finals.

“It has been generally pleasant to be here, and I enjoy the people and the classes, so I do plan to stay,” Goelzer said.

Goelzer has made many friends this year, one of them being freshman Samantha Brady who has many of the same interests as Goelzer.

“I love her sense of humor,” Brady said.

One of the major differences between Legacy and Shiloh is the spiritual elements. The school revolves around God, unlike the Legacy classes.

“I wish we had a Bible class here,” Goelzer said.
It was a big transition for Goelzer, but she has been involved in many different school events and enjoyed her first year here at Legacy. Despite the emotion of leaving one school, she has found another and is now leaving her legacy.

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