Saber schedule

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Saber schedule

Bridget Burns and Mercedes Hanson

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As he sits in his conference chair he thinks about doing something that has never been done in Bismarck. He knows Legacy is already unique, but he wants this new schedule to change the way students use their time in school and make each school day more productive.

Next year, Legacy High School is introducing a new type of schedule, the flex-mod schedule. Instead of having an 8-period day, there will be 22 mods a day with a different class layout for each day of the week. Principal Tom Schmidt hopes that by introducing this schedule there will be more flexibility for students.

“I hope to see more access to teachers during the day,” Schmidt said. “If you need extra help with a subject teachers will now be available during the school day and not like before when maybe they were only available before and after school when maybe a student can’t come in during that time.”

With the new schedule Schmidt hoped to see some big changes for students.

“I hope that this gives students more flexibility and time to get any questions they may have answered throughout the day,” Schmidt said.

Introducing a whole new schedule has benefits and drawbacks. Assistant principal Nadine Butts thinks that here are some great positives that come with this new schedule.

“One good positive is that there’s more flexibility,” Butts said. “And that students aren’t confined to 50-minute structured classes, which makes them more individualized.”

However there are also some drawbacks. Sophomore Amanda Davidson likes the schedule, but thinks it will be hard to adjust to.

“A negative is that it’s really confusing,” Davidson said.

For some students who struggle with alternating schedules, this may take a lot of getting used to. CTRE teacher Toby Seuss thinks it may be hard for those students.

“If you’re not good with a wishy washy schedule like that it can be tough to get used to,” Seuss said.

Even though it may be a struggle initially, Schmidt believes the students and faculty can handle it.

“With our amazing faculty we can do it,” Schmidt said. “We can do it!”

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