Dodge ball tournament

Mercedes Hanson, Writer

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Their backs are against the wall. All of the balls are placed perfectly on the black line in the middle of the gym. There is silence until the whistle blows and all that is heard is the squeaking of shoes, and balls landing everywhere.

This year, Legacy High School hosted their second annual dodgeball tournament. The idea was first presented by the student council. It was held at Horizon Middle School April 26 at 1 p.m. Student council adviser Margaret Townsend thinks it’s a good way to provide fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

“Student council likes to provide fun activities for our student body,” Townsend said. “This provides a chance for students to be active and have fun as part of team.”

If students weren’t skilled in dodgeball they could still play. The tournament was open to anyone who wanted to play. Student council adviser Kimberly Hertz hoped those skilled and not skilled would enjoy the tournament.

“You don’t necessarily  have to be skilled, but if you have wit or technique then you will do well,”  Hertz said. “For the average Joe or the average Jane, it’s a chance to have a little bit fun.”

Last year’s winners, The Purple Cobras, also won this year’s tournament. Team member sophomore Trey Lebeau was excited to win back to back.

“We did it last year and we won. And we wanted to win again,” Lebeau said. “And it went to Caleb Olson so I thought that was pretty cool.”


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