Students learn Latin dance

Harmony Deneault, Writer

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As she watches her instructor, she feels her feet start to move. The feeling of movement took over her and she was dancing.

Spanish teacher Melinda Berg invited her students to a special Spanish Club event. This event was to learn how to dance. The dance instructor, Mandan High School dance instructor and Spanish teacher Angela Harmon taught the group, which consisted of six students, how to do three different dances. These were the Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa.

“The hardest to learn was the Bachata,” Berg said.

Harmon would demonstrate for five minutes then would add music for the learners to test out the dance moves. The learners were told to get a partner and try the dances. They got to try all three dances and were urged to participate in this opportunity.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Harmon said.

Berg was buzzing about the opportunity and experience before and after it had happened.

“The funnest part, I believe, was getting praised from the dance instructor,” Berg said.

Bosch was the only male out of the six learners.

“I was not very good,” freshman Koby Bosch said.

Freshman McKenzie Eckroth enjoyed the experience.

“It was fun to try something new,” Eckroth said. “I would do it again.”

For more information, contact Harmon through the Facebook page Bismarck Mandan Latin Dance Group or by calling 701-527-7962.

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