Filming for the future

Olivia Fischer, Writer

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They wring their hands in their seat, anxiously awaiting the audience’s reaction. They had worked extremely hard on this video and were hoping for positive feedback. When the lights turn on and the room erupts in applause, their tension disappears and they walk with confidence up onto the stage. The announcer begins to ask them questions about the development of the film and they answer proudly, satisfied with the work they’ve done.

Dakota Media Access hosted the annual Dakota Film Festival Friday April 10, at the Belle Mehus auditorium, in honor of student and professional filmmakers.

“The Dakota Film Festival was very interesting,” Century freshman Lauren Richards said. “The lectures given were very informative and factual. It really opened my eyes to see how intensive the process of filmmaking and producing is.”

There was a large crowd for the daytime event, mostly students. Some students had a film entered in the festival, such as Century High school sophomore Brianna Sipes.

“I thought it was super cool to have my own song made into a music video,” Sipes said.

There were four workshops that day, including the acting process in filming, graphic design, filming with iPhones and even camera drones. Each segment was intriguing and captured the audience’s attention by involving some of the students up on stage or showing things that relate to this generation.

“I thought the film festival was the best it has ever been,” Mandan High School junior Libby Colling said. “The workshops were interesting and the student films were impressive.”

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