Cash for Caleb

Erin Archard, Writer

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Century’s choir is sponsoring a Jean’s Day event for staff to raise money for their classmate junior Caleb Olson. Teachers are encouraged to bring at least $1 in order to wear jeans Thursday, April 23. Students are also encouraged to make free will donations of any amount.

Olson’s story starts at Red Lodge, March 21, 2015, where he was skiing with his dad and two brothers. He lost control and went off a trail into trees and rocks. His injuries included a concussion, contused left lung, dislocated t7 vertebrae, crushed t8 vertebrae and severely damaged spinal cord. He was lifted from the slope and flown to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings, MT. While there, they performed a spinal fusion from t6 to t10. Olson is paralyzed from the waist down and has a very small chance of walking again. Olson and his mom Kim are currently in Craig, Colorado, where Olson has been learning to adapt to his new body.

“There always was a light there, it’s just brighter and closer,” Olson said in a journal entry written by his mom.

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