Stress can be a mess

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Stress can be a mess

Bridget Burns, Writer

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Everyone walks through the halls with a smile on their faces, but deep down many are about to explode.

Stress is a part of life, and everyone goes through it, but there are multiple teens who don’t know how to cope with their stressors. In the long run, this could lead to bigger problems such as suicide.

“Stress is a part of our daily lives, not just for adults,” health education teacher Kimberly Eckroth said. “I’m constantly shocked when I hear some of the stresses my students are going through.”

Students are expected to deal with these stresses but, as they pile up, students reach the point of suffering anxiety.

“I think all teens are stressed out, they probably have emotional breakdowns,” sophomore  Karen Medrano said.

Homework is probably one of the bigger stresses teens have to overcome. On average, students have seven classes a day and almost every class gives homework.

“Homework and school stresses me out the most,” freshman Carter Scott said.

Other common stressors for teens are chores, their home life, work, relationships and procrastination. Most students understand how stressful a mixture these stressors can be.

“Teachers give too much homework, it’s like they don’t think we have a life outside of school,” Medrano said.

Because stress is an inevitable factor of life, teens need to learn how to cope. Doing yoga, exercising, listening to music are just some ways to block out the stress.

“Spending time with my family, hunting, reading and staying organized are the methods I use to cope with stress,” Eckroth said.

If teens just found the method that best works for them, life would be so much more enjoyable.

“Stress has a big impact on student’s lives, thankfully there are ways to cope,” Eckroth said.


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