Besiege review

Morgan Drake, Saber Cynic

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Game- Besiege

Price- $6.99

Platform- PC

Rating- N/A

Special Notes- Early Access Game


Imagine a king with a new land. Happy with it, he even gets word from the lumberjacks that there’s a surplus of wood this month. Feeling happy, he struts over to the window of his large castle, and looks out, surveying  land. What’s this? The other kingdom decided it was okay to just build a farm right on the edge of the land he’s worked so hard to conquer? “FETCH THE LUMBER!!!” He shouts. “WE’VE A MACHINE TO BUILD!!!”

That is Besiege. This Is a game that presents the player with a problem, and then gives them all the tools they’ll ever need to solve this problem. This game is not perfect, but it is in Early Access, so there is more being added every few weeks or so. The current version it is in is “Version 0.05”.

The Pros-

This game is very creative, and has a sandbox mode with a very large and varied map. It has 15 levels, all of varying difficulty, and the creations you make are only limited by the 18x18x10 box surrounding the central block. The game has a creative look, and feels very polished already. The game can get very bloody at times, but there is an option to turn blood off in the options menu.

The Cons-

This game has only 44 parts in it at the time of this review, though that is a constantly changing number. The levels can be beaten in less than a day, but only if the player is very good. The difficulty level can be a bit much for some. There are very few graphical options in the options menu, so it is likely that if there are computers that can’t run this game the way it is right now, they will have to wait until it is optimized properly for all systems.

The Conclusion-

This game is a fun, addicting little sandbox game that is well worth the price even in this very early stage. This is a solid game, but as it is in early access, I can not give it a rating out of 10, as that would be basically judging a movie based on the trailer. For now, this is a recommendation from the Saber Cynic, nothing further.


*Version 0.08 update*

The most recent update to Besiege has added a whole new set of levels, called Tolbrynd, and two more parts. The drill is very fun to use, though slightly overpowered. The wooden friction pad is pointless as of yet, as friction has now really come into play yet. The new levels are also far more challenging, and are only accessible if you have played and completed all of the previous levels. Still a solid recommendation.

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