From my office up high in the sky

Artist freshman Tyler Edwards

Artist freshman Tyler Edwards

Pam Peske, Secretary

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From my office up high in the sky,

I watch you kids as you pass by.

I know that your families hold you dear

And as I watch, for your lives, I fear.

You walk and talk, you text and play

You do not watch, or look my way.

You don’t think that anything

Can happen to you…

But please believe me

I know this is true.

Sometimes bad things,

Can happen so fast

And the repercussions

Can last and last….

So please, dear children, listen and know~

More care, more caution, I wish you would show.

Your lives are so precious, you can’t be replaced,

So I say this, with kindness and grace:

Please be careful in all that you do

There are many people who care about you.

In the lots, on the streets,

In your cars, on your feet,

Be safe, be patient, be careful, be kind

When you drive, when you walk, when you speak, keep in mind…

There are little children who look up to you

They pay attention to all that you do.

So heed this advice, we just want you safe

And keep making our school such an awesome place.

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